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Because Klaine is so awesome, we should celebrate them weekly

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Glee Drabble—I Know You Will


Title: I Know You Will

Summary: For Klaine AU Fridays. Today’s theme is ballads.

Rating: G

Words: 358

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From the very moment Kurt laid his eyes on Blaine he had known. This was his forever. This boy would be his first true love. His only love. His every breath and his final moments. He knew, had always known, that he would love Blaine always.

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You all know what tomorrow is…

Klaine AU Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the prompt for this Friday is: Ballad!Klaine

Y’all know the songs. Those wonderful songs we have that tell extremely specific stories with an arc all in the space of a couple of minutes. Their own mini alternate universe.

And we’re going to throw our boys into them!

So pick a song with a story in it and create an entire AU around it for Klaine, whether it be through writing, art, gifs, anything you like!

For those still puzzling out whether or not something qualifies as a ballad, here are a few random examples that you can look up and sort of get the feel of…

Rocky Raccoon by The Beatles

Danny, Dakota, and the Wishing Well by A Silent Film

The Scientist by Coldplay

Little Things by Lily Allen

(seriously ballads are everywhere it’s awesome)

You decide! Get creative! The only rule is that Kurt and Blaine have to be linked to a ballad.

So, once the clock strikes midnight EST, feel free to start, and I’ll do my best to post all of them here on this blog. I’ll be taking fics and art and gifs all day Friday (and a bit into Saturday).

Just make sure to tag whatever you do with “Klaine AU Friday” so that I can find it!

Get ready for tomorrow!

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It’s Only Love That We’re Falling In


some autumn!klaine, a little late. 

Blaine happens to be bopping along to Wouldn’t It Be Nice and thinking about just how throughly he would high-five all of The Beach Boys if he could while Kurt is on the bed fussing with a brooch that he’s pinning on the scarf looped around his neck. Which is over an asymmetrical waistcoat. Which is over a vest that is over a button up that is over an undershirt and it all just feels so very familiar.

Blaine does a spin, says, “I see the layers have made their triumphant return.”

Only Kurt doesn’t look flushed and flustered, he just looks up all coy and sexy in that way that he knows gets to Blaine every time. “I thought you enjoyed peeling me out of my layers. Besides,” He shrugs, “It’s fall.”

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Autumn!Klaine for AU Fridays

(spoilers for 5x01)

“My fingers are frozen, I think I have a rock in my shoe,” Kurt paused to sniff dramatically, “and my stupid nose won’t stop running. Blaine.”

Kurt all but succumbed to whining as he plopped down in one of the overstuffed loveseats at their favorite coffeehouse.

“Aww, baby it’ll be okay,” Blaine soothed, coming to sit next to him and fluffing a soft, clean tissue around Kurt’s rosy red nose. Kurt took it with a grateful look. “We’re just tired. We’ve been at this too long. But we’ve been prepping for this for years, basically. We’ll figure it out.”

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Fic: You Keep Me Warm


Autumn!Klaine: Blaine warms Kurt even across state lines.

"So how’s living with Rachel going?" Blaine asked, setting his laptop on his bedside table before picking up the moisturiser.

"It’s going well," Kurt said, selecting the next bottle required for his going-to-bed routine. "We have yet to fight about anything larger than dairy products which is good because the loft is so freezing cold we’ll probably need to start sleeping next to each other for body heat soon. If the weather gets any colder."

Blaine gave him a smile. “Just make sure she knows that’s a temporary solution.”

Kurt’s smile turned wistful. “You really don’t need to worry abou that. I can’t wait for next year. You’re always so warm and amazing to curl up to.”

Blaine’s hands paused spreading the moisturiser on his cheeks. “I miss you so bad, Kurt,” he said, his voice sounding small even to his own ears. “I joined a bunch of clubs this week just to distract myself from that.”

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The Baker and the Barista


For Klaine AU Friday! I thought I’d write some nice warm autumny coziness. 

Summary: Kurt owns a bakery. Blaine works in the coffee shop next door. 

Kurt pulled the last pumpkin souffle out of the oven and set it on the countertop to cool to perfection, wiping the slight perspiration off of his brow. He turned, glancing at the clock—6:43 am, good, he still had plenty of time—and pulling out a large stack of pre-folded paper boxes. 

He lined them all along the counter before turning to his other confections. 

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